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xEV Industry Insider November 2017 edition $3,200
April 2018 edition $3,800
November 2017 & April 2018 editions $4,600
Tesla Battery Report (July 2017 edition) $2,500
Battery Packs of Modern xEVs (June 2017 edition) $2,500
Lithium Ion Battery Safety and Abuse Tolerance (December 2017 edition) $2,500
Lithium Ion Batteries and Beyond
(published February 2017)
Full report $3,800
Introduction + any two chapters $2,400
Introduction + one chapter $1,800
Corporate license for each report $1,500
Additional copies (only available with report purchase) $150
Two-hour follow-up consultation $700
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  • All 5 Reports 20% off on entire order
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  • 15% off April 2018 xEV Industry Insider Report for 2016 xEV Report buyers
  • 30% off July 2017 Tesla Battery Report for 2014/15 Tesla Report buyers Total

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“There is certain data that you just cannot get elsewhere and we rely on the Report’s analysis - especially cost information; it’s almost impossible to compare yourself with competitors by any other means. The market is getting bigger fast, so it is very valuable to us. It is worth the money - absolutely. No question.”

William Wallace, Director, Global Battery Systems, General Motors

“Dr. Anderman is one of the most knowledgeable people I have met in the battery field, particularly with regards to automotive applications. He exhibits a rare blend in his deep understanding of the technology and the markets. He is a consultant of the highest value.”

Richard A. Clark, Strategic Business Development Specialist, Morgan Advanced Materials and Technology