Total Battery Consulting, Inc.

Dr. Anderman with Panasonic executives at the Osaka headquartes.

Dr. Anderman at Ford R&D in Aachen Germany

Dr. Anderman with SK Corporation in Korea

Interviewing Toyota in Toyota City, Japan

TBC clients over the past 20 years have ranged from Silicon Valley startups to some of the world's largest corporations. TBC produces multi-client industry reports, offers consulting services, and battery-related legal work.

TBC helps technology professionals to focus development work in order to maximize value and helps business executives to better understand existing technology against market demand and competing suppliers. Founder and President Dr. Menahem Anderman is a broad-based battery industry executive who has held numerous technical and business executive positions in the industry before becoming a battery consultant, and has directed the development of high-power NiCd and Li-Ion batteries. He is unique among battery consultants for having both technical and business background. Kevin Konecky, TBC consulting associate, complements Dr. Anderman’s expertise  with his skills as a battery systems engineer and his experience in managing energy storage system design and validation.

In 2001, Dr. Anderman formed Advanced Automotive Batteries (AAB) as a division of Total Battery Consulting to provide updated information on the rapidly growing advanced automotive battery market. AAB's activities include organizing two international Advanced Automotive Battery Conferences annually.
AABC Europe 2019 was held in Mainz, Germany, January 27-31, AABC 2019 will be held in San Diego, CA, June 24-27, and AABC Asia 2019, in Tokyo, Japan, October 28-31.

Total Battery Consulting is a private battery consulting firm specialized in energy-storage technology assessment and product development and application with emphasis on the hybrid and electric vehicle markets. TBC's services can be divided into three principal areas:

“Dr. Anderman delivered an excellent assessment- impressive overview!”

Robert Selman, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Illinois Institute of Technology

“Dr. Anderman has a very good and deep knowledge about the current market.”

Matthias Frey, Product Marketing Director, Panasonic Industrial Group

“Dr. Anderman presented a very good and broad overview of EVs and outlined the challenges facing the industry.”

Andrew Cunningham, Senior Manager, Integrated & Electric Vehicle Safety, P3 Group