Battery Technology Assessment

Dr. Menahem Anderman is recognized for his insightful analyses and his ability to qualify technical and business parameters into an integrated assessment. His skills as a battery technology assessment specialist are based on:

  • A fundamental knowledge of electrochemical principles and material science
  • Practical experience in taking new inventions through the development cycles to the market place
  • The ability to evaluate research material in early stages of design and anticipate manufacturing and life-cycle needs and risks
  • Experience in coaching dozens of technical teams both in-house and as a consultant
  • Experience in helping teams to focus on the most technically and commercially viable solution for an application, recommend critical tests and help interpret test data against the needs of the application
  • The ability to help business managers understand the competitive position of their development and examine the viability of an emerging product in the marketplace

Primary Services

Dr. Anderman can assist your team in the following areas relating to battery investment:

  • Assess the technical/business potential of investments in battery-related areas
  • Review development activities and plans, critique the viability of a current direction and suggest shifts in direction
  • Market appraisal of the viability of specific products
  • Recommend acquisitions, joint ventures, investments