Li-Ion Batteries and Beyond

This unique report evaluates advanced battery R&D work across the globe and highlights the most promising materials and cell technologies that will enable advances in battery technology and, with it, market expansion.

A critical assessment of what is in the research labs, what is likely to make it to the market, and why.


Automakers, utility / industrial system integrators:

Consult the Report’s critical review of future cell chemistry and material R&D to advance your planning and roadmaps.

Battery producers:

Use this all-inclusive assessment of the challenges associated with new cell chemistries and materials to better calibrate your development work.

Material developers / producers:

Benefit from this unbiased expert assessment of what is in the pipeline to sharpen your development strategy and funnel your R&D investment into the most promising technologies.

Corporate and financial investors:

Gain insights into the future of battery cell materials and chemistry to guide your investment decisions.


Li-Ion Batteries and Beyond
Published February 2017

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Martin Winter
Prof. Martin Winter
Prof. Winter’s interests are in applied electrochemistry and electrochemical materials science. He has been active in the field of battery science and technology for 25 years. He holds the positions of Chair, Applied Materials Science for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion, Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPC); Founding Scientific Director, MEET Battery Research Center, WWU Münster, and Founding Director, Helmholtz Institute “Ionics in Energy Storage”. For his achievements, he was awarded the Research and Technology Awards of the Electrochemical Society (ECS) and the International Battery Materials Association (IBA), respectively, and the Carl Wagner Memorial Award of the ECS. He is a Fellow of the ECS and the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE). Currently, he is the spokesperson of the large battery program Batterie2020 of the BMBF (Germany Ministry of Education and Research), the chairman of the advisory board of the Batterieforum of the BMBF (Germany Ministry of Education and Research) and a member of the German National Platform E-Mobility (NPE).